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The AbyssBox Logo
Screenshot of AbyssBox 1.4 when opened for the first time.
Screenshot of AbyssBox 1.4 when opened for the first time.
Latest Version1.4
Fork ofUltraBox
First ReleaseJanuary 1, 2024
Latest ReleaseJune 10, 2024
Source CodeGitHub

AbyssBox is a mod of UltraBox published on January 1, 2024, by choptop84. Inspired by choptop84's project known as My Abyss, AbyssBox is the first mod to be released in 2024.

Prior to AbyssBox's creation, the developer choptop84 wanted to work on UltraBox so then he could add new themes. Instead he decided to make his own BeepMod. Originally the title of the BeepMod was going to be chopBox. But plans changed and the Title AbyssBox was created. Named after My Abyss, choptop84 created more themes in the same style as his first theme he added. Which is known now as AbyssBox Classic. Later versions introduced more themes, layouts and features beyond the three themes added in AbyssBox 0.8.


AbyssBox is the main edition of AbyssBox, currently at version 1.3

AbyssBox Testing is the testing site for AbyssBox, unstable and prone to bugs.

AbyssBox: Gay Edition is the gay edition of AbyssBox. It doesn't add anything but it works as an archive of AbyssBox 1.0.

AbyssBox: WackyBox Edition is an edition of AbyssBox which changes every theme to be the Wackybox theme. All stylized themes have been updated to feature the Wackybox color palette.

Version History

Version Content Released
AbyssBox 0.8: "Initial Release" Updated the description. Jan 2, 2024
Added three new themes: AbyssBox Classic, AbyssBox Competitive, and AbyssBox Light.
Added a new mod icon.
Added two new presets: Demonic Bell and Spacey Triangle.
AbyssBox 0.9: "The Layout Update" Added three new layouts: Flipped (AB), Long (AB), and Focus (AB). Jan 5, 2024
Updated the "AbyssBox Light" theme.
Added new fonts for all of the AbyssBox themes.
Added a custom cursor for the AbyssBox themes.
AbyssBox 0.9.2: "The Supersaw Update" Added Midbox's supersaw port. Jan 6, 2024
AbyssBox 1.0: "The Full Release" Improved the custom theme editor. Jan 15, 2024
Added six new themes: Half-Life, Doom 1993, Windows XP, Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia.
Updated the "AbyssBox Classic" theme.
Updated AbyssBox's new layouts to work better.
Added two presets: Harmonic Piano, and Organic Synth.
AbyssBox 1.1: "AbyssBox Expanded" Improved the custom theme editor again and combined it with the Themes Prompt. Mar 2, 2024
Added thirteen new themes: WeebBox, AweebyssBox, Forest 2, Nebula 2, Scratch, Scratch Addons, Frutiger Aero, Undertale, Glyde, Terminal 2.0, I am on Fire!, and 2012 video tutorial.
Updated the "AbyssBox Classic" theme, "AbyssBox Competitive" theme, "AbyssBox Light" theme, "Windows Xp" theme, and "Half-Life" theme.
Added a new layout titled Theatre.
Added a new preset, Nokia Ringtone.
Added Shortcut UI buttons, which by extension means there is improved Mobile Support.
Added titles and overlays to themes, best showcased in 'I am on Fire' and '2012 Video Tutorial'.
Something is wrong with the hotdog...
AbyssBox 1.2: "The Song Player Update" Added Song Player Layouts, Including Classic, Top, shitbox4, BoxBeep. Mar 30, 2024
Added three new themes: BoxBeep Dark, BoxBeep light, and JummBox Light.
Updated the "ShitBox 1.0/3.0" theme, "Terminal 2.0" theme, "Frutiger Aero" theme, "BruceBox" theme, and the "AbyssBox Light" theme.
Added a new layout titled Upturn.
Added a new song identifier.
Increased the export limit from 4 to 16.
Added a frosted glass backdrop for prompts (off by default, change in preferences to see this change).
AbyssBox 1.3: "The Loops and Layouts Update" Added Loop Modes. May 2, 2024
Added eight new themes: BeepBox Pixel, Skeuomorphic/Early 2000's, Slushie, Slushie 2, Canyon 2, Ghost House (theme), Ghost House 2, and starry studio.
Added three new presets, Ghost House (Preset), Supersaw Pluck, and Credits Bass.
Added UltraBox's song URL shortener config and removed whitespace options.
Added Unbox's "Shift+F" keybind which puts the playbar at the beginning of the Loop Bar (only applies to the first loop mode).
Added the URL Shortener to the song player.
Added a new Progress bar to the song player.
Added Song Player Layouts, Including Music Box, Vertical, and Middle.
Fixed the song recovery prompt.
Updated every AbyssBox Original theme.
Changed some icons.
Added an egg.
AbyssBox 1.4: "The Theme Update" Added an Advanced Theme Selector. June 10, 2024
Added 33 new themes.
Changed the mod notes appearance.
Added 29 new theme variables.
Ported Advanced Color Scheme Preference from ModBox.
Added Use Old Mod Notes Preference.
Ported Highlight Third note Preference from SandBox.
Ports of features from UltraBox.
Lots of secrets (not listed in patch notes).