Basic Noise

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Basic Noise is the second instrument/drum type that could be found in BeepBox's first release (the other being chip wave). It is typically a drum type, although some BeepMods (Dogebox2, UltraBox, AbyssBox, Unbox, BariBox, Slarmoo's Box) also allow Basic Noise in pitch channels akin to Spectrum. It is able to play "noise", which are often randomly generated sounds given from a list of options. These are known as noise types and will be listed here.


Basic Noise does not support anti-aliasing nor the custom interval chord type, and in most BeepMods also doesn't support unisons unless if in UltraBox or its respective forks, in which Basic Noise supports unisons.


Basic Noise has a dropdown select containing the Noise Types. Each noise makes a different sound and is often randomly generated based on the same algorithm (this is why playing e.g. "retro" noise multiple times sounds different each time).