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Screenshot of BeepBox 4.2 when opened for the first time.
Screenshot of BeepBox 4.2 when opened for the first time.
Latest Version4.2
DeveloperJohn Nesky
First ReleaseFebruary 20, 2012
Latest ReleaseAugust 1, 2023
Source CodeGitHub

BeepBox is an online music tool published on February 20, 2012, by John Nesky. Originally coded in Flash, it was switched over to compiled Typescript on May of 2015. Used by thousands, BeepBox has garnered a sizable community and forms the backbone of every BeepBox mod.


BeepBox is the main edition of BeepBox.

BeepBox Competition is the edition meant for competitions. BeepBox Competition removes the ability to import files while maintaining a different theme. The description is also changed.

Version History

Version Content Released
Beep Box Beta First release. Feb 20, 2012
Beep Box 1.0 Added filters and more wave shapes. Feb 29, 2012
Beep Box 1.0.1 Added "volume", "attack", "chorus", and "effect" instrument options. Mar 2012
New "Enigma" scale.
Added a link to Shaktool's Twitter account.
Added license in source files.
Beep Box 1.1 Added the ability to copy/paste pattern notes. Apr 2012
Added the Edit and Preference menus (at the time, preferences was called "options"). Added a few options to go with said menus.
Added two "choruses" (later known as "intervals" and now known as "unisons"): Fifths, and Octaves.
Beep Box 1.1.1 Added a link to the BeepBox Twitter. Sep 2013
Turned the "export to .wav" edit option into its own button.
Bug fixes in the pattern editor.
BeepBox 1.1.2 Added 8 more tempo types. Jan 2014
Slight name change, combining Beep and Box rather than as two separate words.
Renamed "Gypsy" scales to "Flamenco".
BeepBox 1.1.3 Added the "Shift Notes Up/Down" options to the Edit menu. Aug 2014
Changed "Flamenco" scales to "Romani".
Made export prompt show options for looping amounts and fade in/out.
BeepBox 2.0.X 2.0.0 - Switched to JavaScript (compiled from TypeScript). May 2015
2.0.1 - Converted volume and tempo menus to sliders. Apr 2016
BeepBox 2.1.X 2.1.0 - Doubled the maximum pattern amount, improved touch support for mobile, and increased drum count from 11 to 12. Aug 2016
2.1.1 - Added MIDI export. Feb 2017
2.1.2 - Added JSON import/export. Mar 2017
2.1.3 - Added reverb, a new "bowed" chorus/unison, and (code-wise) converted various canvas-like elements into SVGs. May 2017
2.1.4 - Minified the JavaScript, renamed "Ronami" scales to "DBL Harmonic", and bugfixes. July 2017
BeepBox 2.2.X 2.2.0 - Added "custom harmony", ÷6 & ÷8 rhythms, three drum waves; hollow, clang, and buzz, all said to be based off of Modded Beepbox, and a way to add more channels. Jan 2018
2.2.1 - Added new "mobile" layout for small screens like smartphones.
2.2.2 - Added "Auto Play On Load" and "Auto Follow Track" preferences and icons onto menu buttons.
2.2.3 - Added chorus/unison sign and the FM instrument type (actually phase modulation or PM). Apr 2018
BeepBox 2.3 Bugfixes.
BeepBox 2.3 (Optimized) Optimized synthesizer for multiple instrument types and channels. June 2018
BeepBox 3.0 Added MIDI importing. July 2019
Added the ability to copy/paste instruments.
Added shaky vibrato, three new transitions; crossfade, fadeout, and pad, strum chord type, and freehand/÷24 rhythm.
Added 'detect key' option for scales.
Renamed various things, such as the envelope "pluck" to "twang".
Implemented a random instrument generator.
Added instrument presets and four new instrument types; PWM/pulse width, spectrum, drumset, and harmonics.
BeepBox 3.0.1 Added song player interface and html code to embed it on external sites. Oct 6, 2019
Added theremin preset and the ability to use BeepBox while offline or in airplane mode (assuming you visited it while online).
Added 'share' option to the file menu.
Change chord type of the grand piano and distorted presets.
BeepBox 3.0.2 Allow adding notes to pattern editor while "0" pattern is selected, automatically selecting an unused pattern number instead. Oct 12, 2019
Default patterns to "0" after the first four bars.
Tweaked piano presets and violin preset & added distorted guitar preset.
Changed URL version from 7 to 8.
BeepBox 3.0.3 Added rectangular box selection in track editor for copy/pasting patterns. Oct 15, 2019
BeepBox 3.0.4 New commands to insert/delete bars, select all, and duplicate pattern. Oct 20, 2019
Changed several existing commands to apply to the current box selection.
BeepBox 3.0.5 Added panning and stereo features. Oct 27, 2019
BeepBox 3.0.6 Moved Snap to Scale, Snap to Rhythm, & Detect Key into submenus of scale, rhythm, and key. Feb 5, 2020
Added channel muting, a light color theme, and a full screen layout option to the preferences menu.
BeepBox 3.0.7 Added Shift+Click and Shift+Arrows to extend track editor box selection, a new instrument preset called "sonar ping", & some bug fixes. Feb 20, 2020
BeepBox 3.0.8 Allowed all instruments to use chorus. Feb 28, 2020
Improved grand piano instrument preset.
Hovering over a scale now displays its real name.
Allowed playing sounds from the piano display while the song is paused.
Allow previewing added notes while the song is paused.
Added song player to competition mode.
BeepBox 3.0.9 Added preference to disable displaying song data in URL. Mar 28, 2020
Added a song recovery feature to BeepBox's file menu.
BeepBox 3.0.1X 3.0.10 - Added the ability to export .mp3 files. Nov 18, 2020
3.0.11 - Added tinyurl shortcut to the file menu. Nov 29, 2020
3.0.12 - Fixed BPM imprecision
3.0.13 - Added the ability to select parts of a pattern by holding shift (long press on mobile) and dragging in the pattern editor. From there, you can drag, copy/paste, or otherwise manipulate it. Dec 26, 2020
BeepBox 4.0 Redesigned the filter controls, allowing multiple low-pass, high-pass, and peak control points per instrument. Nov 6, 2021
Added new effects: pitch shift, detune, distortion, bitcrusher, echo.
Added error pop-up when BeepBox runs into a song corruption issue.
Added new instrument type; picked string.
Allow configuring reverb and chorus sliders per instrument.
Allow connecting the beginning of a note to the end of a note in the previous pattern in pattern editor.
Allow multiple simultaneous "layered" instruments per channel. Enable it in the channel settings window.
Allow adding envelopes to more instrument settings.
Split out the note fade in/out settings from the transition settings.
Added new transition option: "continue" allows tone and envelopes to continue uninterrupted across notes.
Added new transition option allowing slides to apply between patterns.
Moved many instrument settings (transition, chord, vibrato, panning) into the effects menu where they can optionally be enabled for any * instrument, and an optional second set of filter control points.
Renamed many instrument options, e.g. "interval" is now "unison" which is a more appropriate name.
Slightly increased maximum channel counts.
Added new fullscreen layout option.
Added zoom in/out buttons to pattern editor in fullscreen layouts.
Updated some of the instrument presets.
BeepBox 4.0.1 New preference options: "Allow Notes Outside Scale", "Use Current Scale as Default", "Instrument Copy/Paste Buttons". Nov 16, 2021
Add option to export a song as an html file that redirects to BeepBox.
New keyboard shortcuts.
BeepBox 4.1 BeepBox can now respond to MIDI keyboard input. May 14, 2022
Added the ability to play notes from a computer keyboard as well.
Added the ability to record notes from either keyboard into song data.
Added a metronome feature to aid performing notes.
BeepBox 4.2 Added a new supersaw instrument type as well as some presets utilizing it. Aug 1, 2023
Removed the Twitter feed column, added a link to an archive of tweeted songs.
Allow importing files with uppercase file extensions.
Modified grand piano preset again.
Various small bug fixes and text changes.