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The BruceBox logo.
Screenshot of BruceBox 2.2 when opened for the first time.
Screenshot of BruceBox 2.2 when opened for the first time.
Latest Version2.2
DeveloperThe Beesh-Spweesh!
Fork ofModBox
First ReleaseAugust 26, 2017
Latest ReleaseSeptember 28, 2017
WebsiteBruceBox Archive

BruceBox is a mod of ModBox published on August 26, 2017, by The Beesh-Spweesh!. BruceBox was made to amend their relationship with the BeepBox Discord. However, it was not successful.

In fact, the mod was infamous because of its bright blue color palette and comic sans font - to the point that posting a song made with BruceBox would result in the song getting deleted. However, BruceBox's negative reputation has dwindled over the years, enough that The Beesh-Spweesh! was eventually forgiven and invited back to the BeepBox Discord.


BruceBox Archive is the only surviving edition of BruceBox. It does not have a song player. BruceBox was orignally hosted on The Beesh-Spweesh! (originally known as StinkerB06)'s Github account, but the repository is now deleted. The UltraBox dev team has archived BruceBox with permission.