Custom Chip

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The Custom Chip is an instrument type originating from JummBox V1.2 which allows drawing on a canvas to create a custom waveform. It is really effective for replicating many more chips outside of the chip wave instrument type, such as "wavetables" from older sound chips.


The Custom Chip supports unisons and anti-aliasing, but not the custom interval chord type.


The Custom Chip contains a canvas box and two buttons underneath it, those being a 'load preset' button and a '+' button. When clicking/tapping on the canvas, it moves little rectangles up/down creating the custom waveform. By default, the waveform is a ramp from bottom-left to top-right, representing a sawtooth. The grid of the canvas is a 64 by 49 rectangle, with the farther waveform points from the center row of the grid represent the expression/volume of the point. Pressing the load preset button opens a select menu containing the chip wave's chip presets, which are then loaded into the custom chip while also changing the instrument's volume to match the chip presets' built-in expression. The + button opens the Custom Chip prompt, giving a much more detailed view of the waveform. In UltraBox or its forks, the prompt contains copy/paste buttons at the bottom of the prompt for quickly copying/pasting waveforms of the Custom Chip. This prompt also contains a built-in play button for hearing the sound of the wave you are editing.