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Dogebox2 is a mod of JummBox published on September 9, 2023, by DogeisCut. Similar to the original Dogebox, Dogebox2 is intended to be a playground for DogeisCut to mess around with modding (and potentially contribute to UltraBox).


If you are looking for the old edition of Dogebox (Dogebox1), that can be found in the Dogebox page.

Dogebox2 is the main edition of Dogebox2.

Dogebox2 DEBUG is the testing site for Dogebox2.

Version History

Version Content Released
Dogebox2 1.0 Added Invert wave checkbox. Sep 10, 2023
Added FM Insturment in noise channels.
Added Synth Kick 2 instrument preset.
Wave offsets are no longer completely random and instead are based on various factors of a note.
Added Negative FM Frequencies
Added "White Noise" Operator Waveform. Currently does not sound like white noise.
Dogebox2 1.1 Added Note Range Effect (BETA, expect strange behavior with chords) Dec 6, 2023
Invert Wave is now an effect (This change breaks old Dogebox2 songs)
Noise can now be used in pitch channels.
Dogebox2 now features a new default theme.
Max layered instruments is now 10.
Max Instruments per channel is now 48.
Max filter points is now 12.
Max mod channels is now 24.
Minimum pitch channels is now 0.
Max noise channels is now 32.
Max pitch channels is now 80.
There are now 8 mods per mod channel.
There are now 10 pitch octaves.
Dogebox2 1.2 Added Export and Import buttons to download and upload custom instruments.
Fixed missing colors in the default theme.
Reverted or reduced most previous limit changes due to buggy behavior.
New envelope type: ‘Clap’
Dogebox2 1.2.1
Reverted mod count from 7 to 6
Mod channel count max has been increased to 28 to compensate.
FM is no longer affected by song key in noise channels.
Noise is now affected by song key in pitch channels.
Dogebox2 1.3 Adjusted the Dogebox2 theme and made it the default theme. Jan 16, 2024
Revamped the Export/Import Instrument buttons.
Added a new preference that toggles whether notes touched by the playhead flash.
Introduced the Dogebox2 variant for the URL: D.
Remade the Clap envelope with its respective speeds and added a Blip envelope as the old Clap envelope with its respective speeds.
Fixed a bug where typing into the note range effect's input box wouldn't work.
Various webpage improvements.
Added six new presets; FM Sine, Square Bell, Wibble Bass, Scratcher, Scratcher Backer, and Scratcher Reverberator.