Duty Cycle

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The Duty Cycle is an instrument type which has seen two different generations of implementation. It made its first appearance in Sandbox V3.3.1 as an experimental instrument type, thus its functionality wasn't completely finished but the instrument type was usable. Later on, Unbox would remake the Duty Cycle in hopes on making it more modern and usable.

Sandbox Duty Cycle

The duty cycle which originated from Sandbox had a simple premise. There are 4 dropdown boxes where you can select a pulse width in the following widths: 6.25%, 12.5%, 25%, 50%, and 75%. Each dropdown box corresponds to a different pulse of the Duty Cycle, which would cycle between them at a customizable speed, which is what the slider underneath the dropdown boxes labeled "Cycle Time" is for. The speed of one Duty Cycle instrument would also be the speed of others, although it's assumed this is a bug and not intentional. Lastly, there is a dropdown box labeled "Loop After" in which you can select if the Duty Cycle swaps between all four pulses or just the first three, giving a triplet option. Since Sandbox no longer receives updates, this is the final version of the Duty Cycle of Sandbox. However, a new mod would later take this idea and expand on it.


Sandbox's Duty Cycle supports intervals (unisons) and is by default anti-aliased, but does not support the custom interval chord type.

Unbox Duty Cycle

As one of the main purposes of the mod, Unbox remakes the Duty Cycle from Sandbox in a different, more modern, and more convenient style. It is currently a copy of Pulse Width as it is still in development.


Unbox's Duty Cycle supports unisons and anti-aliasing, but does not support the custom interval chord type.