File/Edit/Preference Menus

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Buttons that say File, Edit, and Preference in BeepBox 4.2
The File/Edit/Preference Buttons as seen in BeepBox 4.2.

The File, Edit, and Preferences Menus are the three main menus featured in most BeepBox mods. With each referring to different actions you can do relating to BeepBox and the song you're creating.

File Menu

The File Menu in BeepBox 4.2

The File Menu contains all of the filing/sharing-related tools and options.

  • New blank song - Creates a new blank song with the default song settings. These default settings may differ in certain mods like in NerdBox or Midbox. In some older versions of BeepBox and outdated mods, the "New song" option was its own button.
  • Import Song - Opens a prompt that allows you to import .mid files (midi) and .json files (typically a file with text that contains the info of a song and can be ported across BeepBox and its mods). This option is usually removed in "competitive" versions of mods. Used to be for only importing a .json file.
  • Export Song - Opens a prompt to export .wav, .mp3, .mid (midi), .json, and .html files. Older mods may allow only exporting a few of these types, most notably .wav, .mid (midi), and .json. This option was also its own button in older versions of BeepBox and mods.
  • Copy Song URL - Copies the song's full URL to your clipboard.
  • Shorten Song URL - Opens a new tab in a separate website that converts the song's full URL and converts it into a shortened link.
  • View in Song Player - Opens the Song Player, which allows you to see the notes of all channels (except modulator channels if on JummBox and/or mods of that) being played in a wall of notes. This also allows you to pause and play anywhere and is located in a separate website to that where you edit the song.
  • Copy HTML Embed Code - This changes the code for the song to run in an HTML file.
  • Recover Recent Song - Opens a prompt that stores recently edited songs.

Edit Menu

BeepBox 4.2 Edit Menu
The Edit Menu in BeepBox 4.2

The Edit Menu contains all of the tools for song creation.

  • Undo - Undoes the most recent change you've made.
  • Redo - Redoes the most recent undo you've made.
  • Copy Pattern - Copy the currently selected pattern(s).
  • Cut Pattern (ModBox, UltraBox, AbyssBox, Unbox, Slarmoo's Box, VoxBox) - Removes all notes in the pattern while also simultaneously copying them.
  • Paste Pattern Notes - Pastes your previously copied pattern(s) in the currently selected pattern(s). Used to be called "Paste Pattern".
  • Paste Pattern Numbers - Pastes the number(s) of your currently selected pattern(s). The difference between this one and the option above is that this option typically messes with the pattern(s) numbers rather than the whole pattern(s) itself.
  • Insert Bar - Creates a new bar to the right of the currently selected bar. Creates more depending on how many bars you currently have selected.
  • Delete Selected Bars - Deletes the currently selected bar(s).
  • Insert Channel - Creates a new channel under the current channel.
  • Delete Selected Channel - Deletes the currently selected channel(s).
  • Select Current Channel - Selects all patterns in the selected channel(s).
  • Select All - Selects all patterns in the song.
  • Duplicate Reused Patterns - Duplicates the currently selected pattern(s).
  • Move Notes Up - Moves all selected notes upwards in a selection/pattern(s). If no specific notes are selected, then it moves all notes in the pattern(s).
  • Move Notes Down - Moves all selected notes downwards in a selection/pattern(s). If no specific notes are selected, then it moves all notes in the pattern(s).
  • Move Notes Sideways (JummBox and most Derivatives) - Moves all notes in the song sideways by a selected number.
  • Generate Euclidean Rhythm (UltraBox, AbyssBox, Slarmoo's Box, VoxBox) - Opens a prompt that contains many settings for placing notes in specific rhythms.
  • Change Beats per Bar - Opens a prompt that allows changing the number of beats in a bar.
  • Change Song Length - Opens a prompt that allows changing the number of bars in a song.
  • Channel Settings - Opens a prompt that allows you to change the maximum number of patterns per channel, the number of channels, and whether multiple instruments can be in one channel either simultaneously or per pattern. (CardboardBox Exclusive: Maximum number of notes in a chord is also an option here.)
  • Limiter Settings - Opens a prompt that allows you to change the song's audio limiting and volume.
  • Custom Sample Settings (UltraBox and Derivatives) - Opens a prompt that allows you to add custom samples.
  • Custom Song Size - A combination of the song length, beats per bar, and channel setting prompts that was later split into their options.
  • Clean Slate (ModBox) - Same as new blank song.
  • Detect Key and Force Rhythm/Scale (ModBox) - These options are normally found in the Scale, Rhythm, and Key menus. ModBox has these in the edit menu instead.

Preferences Menu

Preferences Menu in BeepBox 4.2
The Preferences Menu in BeepBox 4.2. Note how some options have a checkmark, which means they are enabled.

The Preferences Menu contains many settings that change the visuals of the program and contains tools to help with song creation.

  • Auto Play on Load - Automatically plays the song once the song loads.
  • Auto Follow Playhead/Track - Follows the playhead when it moves to a new bar, selecting the pattern where the playhead is at in the currently selected channel. Also named "Show and Play the Same Bar".
  • Highlight "Fifth" Note(s) - Highlights the "fifth" note of the scale/key. Typically, this is key "G".
  • Highlight "Third" Note(s) (Sandbox) - Despite the name, this Highlights the "fourth" note of the key. Typically, this is key "F" in the key of C, which is not the "third" note of C since the "third" note of C is actually "E".
  • Highlight "Third" Note (AbyssBox) - Highlights the 3rd note of the key. Typically, this is key "E".
  • Show Piano Keys - Displays piano keys on the left of the note editor.
  • Place Notes out of Scale - Allows you to place notes that aren't in the song's scale. Also named "Allow Adding Notes not in Scale".
  • Set/Use Current Scale as Default - Sets the currently selected scale to be the default when you start a new song.
  • Show All Channels - Shows notes from all channels of the currently selected type. Also named "Show Notes From All Channels".
  • Show Octave Scroll Bar - Shows a scroll bar that allows you to view more octaves.
  • Always Fine Note Volume (JummBox and Derivatives) - Makes the current fade of a note more specific, typically from four available note sizes to seven. This can also be achieved by pressing "CTRL" while editing a note's volume/fade.
  • Enable Channel Muting - Allows muting specific channels. Can be used to solo a channel or mute it while every other channel plays. (JummBox and Mod Exclusive: This also allows changing the channel's name as well as options for moving the channel around.)
  • Show Song Data URL - Shows the full URL of the song at the top. Also named "Display Song Data in URL".
  • Show Playback Volume - Displays a song volume bar that shows the volume of the entire song being played.
  • Show Osciloscope (UltraBox and Derivatives) - Shows an oscilloscope of the whole song. It is drawn with two lines; one for the left side of panning, and the other for the right side. This oscilloscope comes from GoldBox. However, the preference option for it being displayed only exists in other mods.
  • Show Sample Loading Status (UltraBox and Derivatives) - Displays a bar that shows how many custom samples have successfully loaded into the song/had an error doing so.
  • Close Prompts on Click Off(UltraBox, AbyssBox, Unbox, BariBox, Slarmoo's Box, VoxBox) - Closes prompts when you click outside of the prompt area.
  • Notes Flash when Played (Dogebox2, UltraBox, AbyssBox, Unbox, BariBox, Slarmoo's Box, VoxBox) - When notes are played, they'll flash to a preset color (By default white) and fade back (known to cause lag on lesser hardware).
  • Use Frosted Glass Prompt Backdrop (UltraBox, AbyssBox, Slarmoo's Box, VoxBox) - Adds a blurry backdrop (similar to Frosted Glass in appearance) to prompts.
  • Display Mobile Shortcut Buttons (AbyssBox) - Hides the shortcut buttons that appear in the editor.
  • Use the Old mobile layout (AbyssBox) - Reverts AbyssBox back to the original version of mobile AbyssBox.
  • Use Old Mod Notes (AbyssBox) - Reverts AbyssBox's Mod Notes back to their original appearance.
  • Set Layout - Opens a prompt allowing you to pick a layout. Each layout moves each element of the editor's UI around.
  • Fullscreen Layout (Some mods) - BeepBox used to only have two layouts: Small and Long (Fullscreen). This option swaps between them.
  • Set Theme (ModBox and JummBox and their derivatives) - Opens a prompt allowing you to pick a theme. Each theme changes the colors of all elements of the editor.
  • Light Theme (BeepBox only) - Unlike JummBox, vanilla BeepBox only has two themes: Default and light. This option swaps between them.
  • Custom Theme (WeebBox, UltraBox, AbyssBox, Unbox, Slarmoo's Box, VoxBox) - Opens a prompt allowing you to make a custom theme. You can import images/gifs onto the editor background as well as play with the code that builds a theme. (AbyssBox V1.0+ Exclusive: Uses a much more intuitive and viewable way of making custom themes.)
  • Note Recording Setup - Opens a prompt that contains multiple settings for note recording, even with support for midi keyboards. (JummBox V2.6+ and Mod/Port Exclusive: A "bass offset" option is included.)
  • Set Language (Midbox) - Opens a prompt where you can change the language of most text in the program.
  • Customize All Instruments - In BeepBox, when editing a preset, a "Customize Instrument" button appears, and when pressed, opens up the settings for that instrument. (JummBox and Mod Exclusive: This option does not exist and is already on by default.)
  • Instrument Copy/Paste Buttons (BeepBox only) - BeepBox ported over JummBox's copy/paste instrument buttons and added a preference for displaying it. (JummBox and most mods do not have this option as it is on by default.)
  • Dark Mode (ZefBox) - Makes the note editor a bit darker.
  • Advanced Color Scheme (ModBox, AbyssBox) - Some themes in ModBox have a [!] next to them. These are the themes affected by this option. These themes color many more to all keys of the note editor. This option toggles whether this is the case or only the octave (and fifth note if enabled) should be highlighted.
  • Show Channel Volume (ModBox) - Displays a little bar to the right of each pattern's number that shows how much volume that pattern's instrument has.