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Harmonics as seen in BeepBox V3.0. It includes a harmonics visualizer.
Harmonics as seen in BeepBox V3.0

Harmonics is an instrument type that uses a series of sine waves at different frequencies combined to make sounds that are typically used for piano/string/wind instruments. Harmonics made its first appearance in BeepBox V3.0.


Harmonics supports unisons and the custom interval chord type but does not support anti-aliasing.


The harmonics uses an editor which looks like multiple bars in a box. The last four are tinier than the rest and are controlled all at once. The frequencies displayed by each bar go in order by the harmonic series. (Imagine a sine wave doing one cycle, each bar adds another sine curve into the cycle. FM also follows this pattern.) Harmonics are a powerful instrument type for creating plucked and wind instruments. The harmonics are also used in another instrument type called picked string.