Instrument Presets

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Instrument presets are instruments which have already been made with their settings tweaked to sound a certain way, with the name of the preset often describing that instrument's characteristics. They are found in the same dropdown as instrument types and are often put into groups which describe where many instrument presets belong.

Presets are made by utilizing the instrument's JSON data to put it into a BeepMod. A quick shortcut for getting an instrument's JSON data is "Shift + I" which copies the data to the clipboard. This is then pasted into a section of the code where the data is placed into and read to replace the current instrument's settings with that of the preset's.

They first made their appearance in BeepBox, which currently still has the most presets of any BeepMod, many of which have been created to support MIDI importing. The table below contains the amount of unique/new presets in each BeepMod listed from greatest to least in terms of unique presets. (Mods with no unique presets are not included.)

BeepMod Unique Presets New Categories
BeepBox 176 Presets 16 Categories
Midbox 41 Presets 3 Categories
Slarmoo's Box 25 Presets 1 Category
Unbox 17 Presets 1 Category
Sandbox 15 Presets 6 Categories
UltraBox 14 Presets 1 Category
JummBox 11 Presets None
AwesomeBox 11 Presets 2 Categories
AbyssBox 8 Presets 2 Categories
Dogebox2 6 Presets 1 Category
VoxBox 6 Presets 1 Category
BlackBox 2 Presets None
ModBox 1 Preset 1 Category
GoldBox 1 Preset None
shitbox4 1 Preset 1 Category