Joke mod

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When a mod is created with the sole purpose of being a joke and not with the intention of being seriously used, it goes on this list. Whether a mod counts as a "joke mod" is done on a case-by-case basis.

Joke Mods

ShitBox is, as evident by the name, the first mod made with the sole purpose of being a joke.

Bassbox is a mod with one purpose; removing all non-bass instruments.

Wackybox is the quintessential joke mod. In fact, the name "Wackybox" is associated more with the emoji than with the mod.

Shitbox4 is a remake of the original joke mod ShitBox. This mod features many changes that make the mod harder to use.

BoxBeep is a joke mod that flips most of the website on the X axis.

BirdBox is a joke mod that sets brightness to 0 on dark mode, mimicking a blindfold.