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Screenshot of JummBox 2.6 when opened for the first time.
Screenshot of Jummbox 2.6 when opened for the first time.
Latest Version2.6
Fork ofBeepBox
First ReleaseJuly 30, 2019
Latest ReleaseJanuary 27, 2024
Source CodeGitHub

JummBox is a mod of BeepBox published on July 30, 2019, by Jummbus. Made with the purpose of improving usability, JummBox went on to become one of the most frequently used beepmods, serving as the backbone for various forks.


JummBox is the only edition of JummBox.

Version History

Version Content Released
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JummBox 2.6 Moved to a new domain, from jummbus.bitbucket.io to jummb.us. Jan 7, 2024
Ported the features from BeepBox V4.1 and V4.2. This includes features like the supersaw instrument type.
Added modulator recording. Holding CTRL/Shift while dragging on a filter point/slider with a mod channel in the song will record the point's/slider's value to the modulator. This feature adheres by the song's selected rhythm too.
Added a new option in the note recording prompt for recording the piano with two hands called "Bass Offset".
Added a dropdown for envelopes which contains the envelope speed slider, which affects all envelopes on that instrument, as well as a "discrete" envelopes checkbox, which makes the envelope sound harsher.
Added a new envelope type: Blip. This will be referred to as JummBox Blip.
Holding CTRL while changing the length of a note will now briefly switch the song rhythm to freehand, or /24.
Added a keybind for initiating the "loop bar", which is a little diamond-shaped loop that loops the selected bar over and over until deactivated. This can be toggled on/off using the keybind: B.
Added BeepBox's edit to the Grand Piano preset as "Grand Piano 3", as well as BeepBox's new supersaw presets and a new supersaw preset called "Supersaw Strings 2".
Changed the color scheme for the JummBox Dark theme, reworked the Mono theme and renamed it to Poly, and added the Blutonium theme.
Added an input box for the pulse width.
Added a visible speed multiplier for the envelope speed, vibrato speed, and arpeggio speed sliders.
Added an arrow to the left of settings that are contained in dropdowns, as well as making them fade in when the dropdown is extended.
Fixed a bug where arpeggio speed modulators could cause an audio crash when going from nonzero to zero.
The offline page now contains all the dependencies in one file so it can be used with no strings attached and no internet.
Made JSON exporting properly set the variant as JummBox.
Fixed a bug that caused all themes with color formulas to not use the violet-to-red part of the spectrum. Tweaked their formulas to maintain roughly the same colors as before for the first few channels.
Performance optimization: The custom chip canvas and channel boxes redraw less often, and JummBox now avoids jQuery checks except on select2.
Fixed a bug with detune envelopes having the wrong "center" pitch set. This fix changes how the detune envelope sounds.
Filter dot X/Y mods used to only use the main filter's dot count to determine validity, which meant it was impossible to do dot X/Y mods on morphed filters. It has been changed to use the largest number of dots instead. This means you may see dot X/Y options for dots not in the current filter, of which will have no effect when set.
Fixed a bug where arpeggio/vibrato would desync during song export.
Made the "Is Instrument Used?" indicator work even while looking at a 0 pattern, in which case it will say if the current highlighted instrument is used anywhere else.
Fixed a bug with setting mod instruments that could cause the wrong one to be used when creating a new pattern by clicking in a 0 pattern.
Fixed a bug with N selecting new empty patterns, which could have random instruments selected in them that would overwrite the latest viewed or copy-pasted instrument selections. Now, when N is pressed, the instruments that were most recently viewed are set in the new pattern.
Fixed a bug with computing latest modulators that could cause it to get wrong values, especially with next bar modulators that skipped bars immediately.
Fixed the DC offset on the Metallic and Cutter noise types. They will now be decimated less by distortion. This fix changes how these two noise types had previously sounded with distortion.
Fixed a bug where anti-aliasing would be saved even when the Distortion effect was removed, causing glitchy sounds.
Fixed a bug with JSON export where some filter settings weren't being saved.
Fixed a bug with inserting new mod channels that could cause the cursor to be the wrong size.