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Latest Version0.2.6
Fork ofJummBox
First ReleaseAugust 13, 2023
Latest ReleaseJanuary 31, 2024
Source CodeGitHub

Midbox is a mod of JummBox published on August 12, 2023, by Mid. Midbox is Mid's passion project and helped him learn how to code. It is the first mod made post-UltraBox. Mid was curious one day and wanted to learn how to set up his own BeepMod, and was offered help from the developers of UltraBox, which soon lead to the creation of Old Midbox. After a few days, Mid decided to fork JummBox as it had more things to offer. Ever since then, Mid has remained close to the mod using it to see how many of his 'dream features' could be implemented and used in the program.


Midbox is the main edition of Midbox.

Midbox DEBUG is the testing site for Midbox.

Old Midbox is an old prototype of Midbox made in BeepBox V4.2. Known by Mid as "Midbox V0.0.4". Does not support song recovery and does not have a song player.

Version History

Version Content Released
Old Midbox / Midbox V0.0.X 0.0.1 - Changed the scale names "Easy :) / :(" to "Simple Major/Minor" and "Expert" to "Chromatic". Added three more unisons; Hyper, Peak, and Deep Shift. Added song keys for one octave higher/lower. Lessened the limits of song tempo (88-300 to 1-500), song length (128 to 256), and beats per bar (3-16 to 1-32). Failed to add an envelope that would increment in steps, so ModBox's transition type "Trill" was added as an envelope instead. Aug 10 to Aug 11, 2023
0.0.2 - Added four chipwaves; 1/6 Pulse, 1/12 Pulse, 1/16 Pulse, and Test. Added two more unisons; Broke and Vary. Added ModBox's transition type "Blip" as an envelope.
0.0.3 - The "Test" chipwave is now "Heavy Saw". Fixed the "ModBox Trill" envelope breaking at certain tempos. Gave more options to a few sliders. Added a new preset called "Xylophone Saw". Added three new chord types which are various speeds of the strum chord type; Medium Strum, Slow Strum, and 1/3 Slow Strum.
0.0.4 - Added seven more presets. Added a new unison called "Energetic". Changed a few mentions of "BeepBox" to "Midbox". Added three more vibrato types; Aqua, Aqua Delayed, and Drunk.
Midbox V0.1: "Porting Update" Took most things from the old Midbox version to the new JummBox fork. Aug 13, 2023
Added five more unisons, as well as Old Midbox's (eleven in total): Lone Fifth, Alternate Fifth, Offtune, Hold, and Buried.
Added two more transition types; "Continue in Pattern" and "Insta-Slide".
Added 27 presets.
Added a new preset category, "Midbox Dubstep Presets", for dubstep-type instruments. The one ported from Old Midbox was renamed to "Midbox Misc Presets".
Added four FM operator frequencies: 0.125x, 0.25x, 0.5x, and 0.75x.
Added the distortion envelope target. It was defunct at the time.
Midbox V0.2: "Filler Update" Added three new envelope types, two being the other ModBox transitions: Slow Swell, ModBox Click, and ModBox Bow. Aug 17, 2023
Added the unison envelope setting to custom chip instruments.
Added 17 FM operator frequencies: ~0.50x, ~0.75x, 1.50x, 2.50x, ~4x, ~8x, 10x, 12x, 14x, 15x, ~16x, 17x, 18x, 19x, 24x, 32x, and ~32x.
Added a new keybind, 'P', to quickly head to the song player.
Added the unison row to instrument types that didn't have it. It wasn't entirely functional at the time, only changing the pitch of the instrument.
Added a new unison: Corrupt.
Fixed an issue where the Hyper, Peak, Deep Shift, Vary, and Energetic unisons wouldn't work on picked string instruments.
Removed the distortion envelope target due to it being defunct.
Added two chip waves: Bass-y and Strange.
Added another preset category, "Midbox Noise Presets", and twelve new presets.
Increased limits on tempo, beats per bar, detune, and maximum amount of bars in a song. Tempo limits were changed from 30-320 to 1-750, beats per bar from 3-16 to 1-32, detune from (-200)-200 to (-600)-600, and song length from 256 bars to 512 bars.
Updated tip prompts with more information.
Changed how new blank songs look. They now include a mod channel and longer loop size with the intention of better showing how these features work to someone new. The "Unnamed" song name has been changed to "Untitled Project".
Midbox V0.2.5: "0.2 Finalizing" Fixed an issue where FM operator frequencies and chip waves from presets were defaulted incorrectly. Aug 29, 2023
Added the presets "Mechanical Blip" and "Another Piano".
Added three new keybinds; U, ~, and B. The B keybind is from UltraBox, opening the "Beats per Bar" prompt. The U keybind quickly shortens the song URL. The ~ keybind, (Shift + `) creates a new blank song, although this keybind isn't functional yet.
Created the unfinished Midbox theme. Changed the mod name color.
Introduced a language selection prompt. The only other language is Spanish and the translations are unfinished.
Added a new unison: Weird Octave.
New Changelog (V0.2.6) A singular addition to the mod that overhauls the changelog from the old patch notes document and moves it into Midbox. Known by Mid as "V0.2.6". Jan 31, 2024

More information on Midbox's additions can be found in Midbox's built-in changelog.