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The ModBox logo.
Screenshot of ModBox 3.2.2 when opened for the first time.
Screenshot of ModBox 3.2.2 when opened for the first time.
Latest Version3.2.2
3.5 (BETA Versions)
DevelopersSuperPotato, ashedragon, Theep, DARE
Fork ofBeepBox
First ReleaseMay 25, 2017
Latest ReleaseFebruary 5, 2019 (3.0)
December 13, 2019 (3.5)
Source CodeGitHub[1]

ModBox is a mod of BeepBox (the first mod, in fact) published on May 25, 2017, by SuperPotato, with members ashedragon, Theepicosity and DARE joining shortly after to help the project grow. It was intended to add Sunsoft Bass to BeepBox, before becoming a general content mod.


None of ModBox's editions include a song player.

ModBox 3.0 is the main edition of ModBox.

ModBox 3.3 is a BETA edition of ModBox originally meant to update ModBox to BeepBox 3.0

ModBox 3.5 is, supposedly, an update to ModBox 3.3[2]

ModBox Beta is the testing site for ModBox features.

ModBox 3.2.2 Competition is the competition edition created by Lihzahrd. It removes the ability to import JSONS into ModBox.

Unofficial Editions

ModBox Fixed is a "fixed" edition of ModBox BETA by Chippy that fixes the JSON export option.

ModBox: Source is an unofficial decompilation of ModBox by Neptendo into BeepBox's core TypeScript files.

Version History

Version Content Released
ModBox 1.0.X 1.0.0 (rev1) - Project started. Original PWM idea failed and became "glitch" instrument. Monotonic scale, arpfest rhythm, and spinner chorus also added. May 25, 2017
1.0.1 - "Sunsoft bass" instrument added.
1.0.2 - "Loud pulse" and "sax" instruments added. May 26, 2017
ModBox 1.1.0 (rev2) Detune chorus, smaller arpfest rhythm added. Max size for Bars, Instruments, Beats and Patterns increased.
ModBox 1.2.0 (rev3) Ninths, sixths, and fifths added as rhythms.
ModBox 1.3.X 1.3.0 (rev4) - Updated to the newest version of BeepBox vanilla, the "reverb update". Riff instrument, new filters and effects added.
1.3.1 - More scales, including challenge and challenge+. May 29, 2017
1.3.2 - Fixed bugs with max values. Riff instrument removed.
ModBox 1.4.X 1.4.0 - Modded Beepbox is live! Fixed bugs with modded urls and other things. June 9, 2017
1.4.1 - Added a cool new color scheme from the old BeepBox days. June 13, 2017
ModBox 1.5.0 Added two new envelopes, "trill" and "click". Changelog was also polished. June 14, 2017
ModBox 1.6.0 New riff feature added! Sine wave instrument, bass effects, and submerged decay also added. July 7, 2017
ModBox 1.7.X 1.7.0 - Added fiftieths rhythm. More settings for riff added. Added Shift decay. Fourths and Bass choruses added. Aug 6, 2017
1.7.1 - Atari bass and pulse instruments added. Aug 26, 2017
ModBox 1.8.X 1.8.0 - New noise, for the first time! Periodic and a detuned variant are now here.
1.8.1 - HYPERSPEED! Now you can go fast. Very, very fast. Sep 1, 2017
1.8.2 - Added 1% pulse wave. Sep 3, 2017
ModBox 1.9.X 1.9.0 - Added Blending. Also prepped up some things for the next few updates. Sep 23, 2017
1.9.1 - Added new hotkeys and fixed stuff, along with some new things for the upcoming 2.0 update. Sep 27, 2017
ModBox 2.0.0 ModBox 2.0 is launched, with a new channel, which was revolutionary at the time being. Oct 10, 2017
ModBox 2.1.X 2.1.1 - Three new waveforms and the eighths rhythm. Nov 19, 2017
2.1.2 - Added new overtone items. Nov 22, 2017
ModBox 2.2.0 Added a new color slider to make your songs look fancy. Dec 2, 2017
ModBox 2.3 Updated to the latest BeepBox update. Jan 2, 2017
ModBox 3.0.X 3.0.0 - Added themes, advanced settings, 3 random sliders, lots of new waves from Sandbox, custom harmony, octave offset, new edit song menu, fades, instant-mute buttons and advanced color schemes. Updated to the latest BeepBox updates with FM and 8 channels. Increased max reverb and tempo. Re-added the custom song size hotkey. July 28, 2018
3.0.1 - ModBox now supports 16 channels. Aug 4, 2018
3.0.2 - Update to ModBox color scheme. Aug 13, 2018
Added new unique Piano Theme. Aug 15, 2018
ModBox 3.1.0 Added more options to custom harmony, new FM envelopes, a "cut" tool, a song data menu, mixing styles, and a new spooky filter that can be disabled in preferences. Added custom harmony and octave offset in drums and the volume slider in FM. ModBox has merged with Sandbox, adding new FM options, archives, and a new slider. Changed the instant mute button into an actual button and made advanced settings a preference option. Fixed many more bugs, (3x as many) including the detune slider and custom harmony union. Oct 15, 2018
ModBox 3.2.X 3.2.0 - Added panning and two new themes, "Frozen Over" and "Halloween". Fixed exporting to .json. Jan 14, 2019
3.2.2 - Changed .mid to .midi. Added a 3.0 archive. Notes in chip and drums also have numbers. Added the ModBox description to mobile. Fixed problems with older songs. Feb 5, 2019
ModBox BETA 3.3.0 - Initial release. Jun 30, 2019
3.5.0 - No changes listed. Dec 13, 2019


  1. Unlike other BeepBox mods, ModBox's source code only comes in JavaScript.
  2. It is entirely unknown why 3.5 is a whole seperate edition of Modded Beepbox.