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PaandorasBox is a mod of JummBox (originally BeepBox) published on December 22, 2021, by Main and Chippy. The mod is notable for being the first mod to support sampling.

Unlike future mods, where sample-to-chip wave conversion was done in the browser, Main and Chippy added samples by exporting an audio file in Audacity via the "sample data export" feature and importing the resulting text file as a chip wave. Doing it this way meant that custom sampling was impossible, however this would change with Thurmbox.


If you are looking for the custom sampling edition of PaandorasBox, that can be found in the Thurmbox page.

PaandorasBox is the main edition of PaandorasBox. Does not have a song player.

PaandorasBeta was the testing site for PaandorasBox. This is where the "paandorasbeta" samples in UltraBox originated. This version does not have a link, as the code was never archived. Does not have a song player.

Version History

Please use information from the PaandorasBox Github to fill out the version history. Be sure to follow the format shown in the Beepbox page.