Pulse Width

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Pulse Width as seen in ModBox V3.3. It includes a pulse envelope selector and pulse width slider.
Pulse Width as seen in ModBox V3.3

The Pulse Width is an instrument type that uses a square wave with a slider that controls the length of that square wave's pulse. The pulse width made its first appearance in ModBox. It was later ported to BeepBox V3.0, and subsequently other beepmods.


The Pulse Width supports anti-aliasing. It does not support the custom interval chord type and only supports unisons in UltraBox and its forks (AbyssBox, Unbox, BariBox, Slarmoo's Box).


The pulse width slider goes from 1% to 50%, and can be controlled over time using the "pulse width" envelope. In JummBox and other mods/forks with mod channels, the pulse width can also be automated.

Decimal Offset Slider

In UltraBox and its forks (AbyssBox, Unbox, BariBox, Slarmoo's Box), the Pulse Width will also come with a secondary slider for controlling an offset applied to the pulse's width. This slider, called the "decimal offset" slider, goes from 0 to -0.99%. The decimal offset slider can be controlled with the "decimal offset" envelope, and can be automated using mod channels.