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Screenshot of Sandbox 3.1.2 when opened for the first time.
Screenshot of Sandbox 3.1.2 when opened for the first time.
Latest Version3.1.2
DevelopersParad0x, Theepicosity, FillyGroove
Fork ofBeepBox
First ReleaseJune 15, 2017
Latest ReleaseJanuary 4, 2020
Source CodeGitHub

Sandbox is a mod of BeepBox published on June 15, 2017, by Parad0x, Theepicosity, and FillyGroove. It is the second mod to be released, following ModBox. Like ModBox, Sandbox is a general content mod, adding various features. ModBox and Sandbox have a close history, as they often copied features between each other.

Sandbox is well known for its “duty cycle” instrument type, which later returns in Unbox. It also adds various presets referencing waveforms/presets from other mods, and various other smaller things.


None of Sandbox's editions have a song player.

Sandbox is the main edition of Sandbox.

Sandbox 1.2.1 Archive is the archived edition of Sandbox 1.2.1.

Sandbox 3.0 Archive is the archived edition of Sandbox 3.0.

Version History

Version Content Released
Sandbox 1.0.X 1.0.0 - First release. June 15, 2017
1.0.1 - Changed color palette and removed some things.
1.0.2 - Added 3 new waves and 1 new scale.
Sandbox 1.1.X 1.1.0 - Added Hard scale, "Highest" and "Lowest" keys, 3 new waves, "fifths" rhythm, and adjusted the volume of Unnamed 3. Nov 5, 2017
1.1.1 - Changed changelog, added "tremolo + vibrato" effect, and a new chorus. Dec 17, 2017
Sandbox 1.2.X 1.2.0 - Moved page to GitHub and updated to the latest BeepBox update. Jan 2, 2018
1.2.1 - Added "shake" effect and "Unnamed 7" wave. Jan 5, 2018
1.2.2 - Changed color palette and added a new wave. Jan 17, 2018
1.2.3 - Added "normal minor" scale. Jan 22, 2018
Sandbox 1.3.X 1.3.0 - Readded all vanilla scales and waves, remade unnamed 5 (piccolo), and renamed all previously unnamed things thanks to Fillygroove. Jan 26, 2018
1.3.1 - Renamed "custom 1" to "lydian" and changed the dim color of the red channel.
1.3.2 - Added "overtone" filter and "nes pulse" wave, and removed fifths rhythm. Jan 28, 2018 - Fixed a bug with rhythms.
1.3.3 - Added "saw bass" wave. Feb 5, 2018
Sandbox 1.4.0 Added "spring" envelope. Feb 6, 2018
Changed maximum tempo and how tempo slider works.
Added "faint" decay.
Added "euphonium" and "shrill pulse" waves.
Sandbox 1.4.1 Added "subdued" envelope, "r-sawtooth" and "recorder" waves, and "÷9", "÷12", and "÷24" rhythms. Feb 7, 2018
Sandbox 1.4.2 Added "harmonic" and "tenths" choruses. Feb 8, 2018
Changed how the "subdued" envelope sounds.
Added "tremolo delayed" effect.
Changed minimum beats per bar from 3 to 1.
Changed the volumes of several waves.
Renamed "custom harmony" to "harmonic hum".
Sandbox 1.4.3 Added "fluctuate" chorus and a new drum channel. Feb 9, 2018
Sandbox 1.4.4 Added "chime", "harsh", and "static" drums, changed maximum tempo from 20 to 11, and removed twitter box. Feb 11, 2018
Sandbox 1.4.5 Added "narrow saw" wave, "harmonic minor" scale, "recurve" chorus, and a favicon.
Slightly changed the shades of the color scheme.
Raised volumes on "chime" and "harsh" drums.
Sandbox 2.0.0 New sliders made for Overdrive, Muffle, and Detune. Feb 18, 2018
Increased maximum pitch channels to 12 and maximum drum channels to 4.
Added ÷2, ÷5 and ÷50.
Increased tempo to 24 (0.5 steps).
Added "Tenor", "Alto", "Treble", and "Bass" keys, "deep square" wave, "sing" envelope, "quiet" filter, "thin" chorus, and "quiver" effect, "metallic", "empty", and "cutter" drums, and the "nonatonic :)" and "nonatonic :(" scales.
Removed tremolo delayed.
Sandbox 2.0.1 Added Ring Pulse wave, changed Detune Slider to be more effective, and cleaned up the HTML. Feb 20, 2018
Sandbox 2.0.2 Added Shudder envelope, Tick Drum wave, and Octatonic scale. Feb 21, 2018
Sandbox 2.0.3 Added Note Destroyer effect, Detune chorus, Sinusoid wave, "Highlight 'Third' Notes", "Rainbow" Preference options, and changed the design a bit. Feb 25, 2018
Sandbox 2.0.4 Improved choruses. Mar 1, 2018
Renamed Fifths, Octaves, and Voiced to Perfect Fifths, Perfect Octaves, and Seconds.
Split Tenths into Ninths :) and Ninths :(.
Added Perfect Fourths chorus, Nonatonic Blues scale, and a terminology section for symbols.
Sandbox 2.0.5 Added "double sine" wave and "decay rounded" filter. Apr 17, 2018
Sandbox 2.0.6.X 2.0.6 - Added "none" filter from vanilla BeepBox 2.3. Apr 21, 2018 - Fixed position of the "none" filter. Apr 23, 2018
Sandbox 3.0.0 Maximum pitch and drum channels is infinity. Aug 21, 2018
Added more octaves, choruses "Inject", "Dirty", "Askewed", "Resonance", and "Harmonic Tonk", Tremble/Vibrate/Annihilator effect, Undertone filter, and Triple Pulse wave, envelopes Lift, Drop, and Bounce, ÷96 rhythm (Arpfestfest), frequencies 0.5x, ~0.5x, 0.25x, and ~0.25x, feedback options 1→3 2→1, 1→4 2→1, and (2→1→3→2)⟲, drum waves High and Bassinet, and Dark Mode.
Changed Terminology section, intro section, FM Demo, the color palette, envelope names, and how the Changelog is formatted.
Tweaked sliders to match their intended functions.
Upper part of the editor has been streamlined to have more room.
Sandbox 3.0.1 Added Shift filter from ModBox. Nov 28, 2018
Sandbox 3.1.0 Ported the latest BeepBox update. Dec 31, 2019
Added more tremolo options for triplets and quintuplets, JummBox's Custom Chip instrument type and its dropdown menu, a new transition type, and numerous presets from many BeepBox mods.
Detune slider is usable in every channel.
Sandbox 3.1.1 Added experimental instrument type called Duty Cycle. Jan 1, 2020
Sandbox 3.1.2 Fixed a MIDI import issue and finished Duty Cycle. Jan 4, 2020