Slarmoo's Box

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Slarmoo's Box
The Slarmoo's Box icon.
Latest Version1.1
Fork ofUltraBox
First ReleaseMay 13, 2024
Latest ReleaseJune 4, 2024
Source CodeGitHub

Slarmoo's Box is a mod of UltraBox published on May 13, 2024, by Slarmoo. Slarmoo's Box's naming convention is based off of that of Pandora's Box's and was made to "advance the modding scene of BeepBox". It's mostly known for its new pitch-based envelope and its new envelope targets for nearly all instrument effects.


Slarmoo's Box is the main edition of Slarmoo's Box.

Slarmoo's Box Testing is the testing version of Slarmoo's Box

Version History

Version Content Released
Slarmoo's Box 0.9

(built on UltraBox 2.2.7)

First release. May 13, 2024
Added reverb, panning, chorus, echo, bitcrush, frequency crush, and distorion envelopes
Added the pitch envelope type (as well as the start, end and inverse for pitch envelopes)
Added 15 new presets
Updated the page description to include more keybinds while also removing the wackybox hotdog
Slarmoo's Box 1.0

(Official Release)

Added 3 new presets May 29, 2024
Pitch starts, ends, and inverses are per envelope instead of per instrument
All envelope curves can also be inverted
Added the Greyscale theme (Old Mono)
Several bug fixes, including those from UltraBox 2.2.8 and implementing shift enter properly
Slarmoo's Box 1.0.1


More bug fixes May 30, 2024
Slarmoo's Box 1.1

(Keyboard Shortcuts)

Added Slarmoo's Box theme June 4, 2024
Added 6 new keyboard shortcuts to the song player
Updated the page description to include more keybinds again
Updated to UltraBox 2.2.9
Slarmoo's Box 1.1.1

(Pitch Envelope Minor Update / fixes)

Pitch envelopes are now properly affected by arpeggiation and pitch bends June 17, 2024
Added Dogebox2 note displays for pitch range
Added 7 new presets, including 3 noise presets