Song Player

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The Song Player is a separate page included in most BeepMods which visualizes all pitch and drum channels in the song. It was first introduced in BeepBox 3.0.1.


The BeepBox/mod interface is replaced with a DAW like-look, with all notes from pitch and drum channels appearing on a large rectangular box which scrolls through them as the song plays. The song cannot be edited in the song player, but there are buttons located at the bottom left to return to the editor or share a link to the song in the song player. Other options include zoom, song volume, and looping, located at the bottom left. In mods of JummBox, the playback volume bar and song title will also appear here, as well as the oscilloscope if on mods of GoldBox.


The song recovery prompt displays the song player's UI.

In AbyssBox, there are also song player layouts which change the appearance of the song player.

Some mods may not have a song player, likely due to being outdated.