Style Guide

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Please keep all content related to BeepBox, its mods, and its features This wiki is not about the community surrounding it. Please do not create pages about popular songs or in-jokes. The only permitted page about the BeepBox community is the Popular communities about BeepBox page.
Please be concise, yet informative when making pages Include all necessary information. E.g. listing "BeepBox, JummBox, Midbox, UltraBox..." instead of "Most BeepMods".
Remain neutral in your opinions when creating/editing pages Try keeping the tone of the text you write formal. E.g, don't write like this: "Envelopes are a little thing which is applied to certain settings of the instrument. The first box is for selecting a target, but remember that won't do anything on its own!"
Try to avoid mentioning planned mod updates on pages other than the mod that's getting updated It would even be preferable to not mention features of upcoming updates at all. The BeepBox wiki consists of documentations on things that currently exist, not what will exist a year from now.
When counting small integers, type them out in word-form Eg. one, two, three, instead of 1, 2, 3. Not applied to numbers like 27, as by that point it becomes unnecessary.
Avoid using "&" Please use "and" instead.
Try to keep the proper capitalization of all BeepMods Their correct capitalizations can be seen in their page. It allows smoothly using it as embedded text leading to that mod's respective page instead of accidently leading to a page "not created yet".
When listing mods, try keeping them in order of being published The chronological order of mod publishment can be found in the BeepMod page. Often helps denote what features a mod originated from if multiple mods have it, e.g. a unison from ModBox with ModBox being listed first.