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The Supersaw is an instrument type that uses multiple sawtooth waves/pulse widths at customizable pitches to create dynamic unison/chorus-like effects. It made its first appearance in BeepBox V4.2.


The Supersaw supports anti-aliasing, but does not support unisons or the custom interval chord type.


Supersaw uses four sliders to control its settings. "Dynamism" controls the number of waves. At the lowest setting, only one wave plays, and at the highest, a handful of them play at once. "Spread" controls how far apart each sawtooth wave is. "Saw↔Pulse", also known as "Shape", controls the shape of each wave. At the lowest, each wave is a sawtooth wave. At the highest, each wave is a pulse. The final slider, "Pulse Width", controls the width of the pulse wave(s), acting the same as the slider present in the Pulse Width instrument type. All of these settings can be controlled using their respective envelopes. In JummBox and its active forks (AwesomeBox, UltraBox and its forks), there are modulators for each setting, and furthermore in UltraBox and its forks (AbyssBox, Unbox, BariBox, Slarmoo's Box), the pulse width slider also contains a decimal offset slider (refer to Pulse Width page for information on decimal offset).