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The UltraBox Logo
A screenshot of UltraBox when opened for the first time.
Screenshot of UltraBox when opened for the first time.
Latest Version2.2.8
DevelopersMain, LeoV, Neptendo
First ReleaseJune 4th, 2023
Latest ReleaseMay 25, 2024
Source Code[1]

UltraBox is a mod of GoldBox (and as of April 2024, JummBox) published on June 4, 2023, by Neptendo and Main. UltraBox was first envisioned in early 2020 by Nep, who thought up the idea of a mod that combined every previous beepmod into one, as features have always been scattered across different mods.

This idea finally came into fruition when Main, who was attempting to combine the features of GoldBox with PaandorasBox (a "Paandoras-goldbox"), decided that they should instead work with Nep to make UltraBox.


UltraBox is the main edition of UltraBox.

UltraBox Testing is the testing site for UltraBox. The site is used whenever feedback is required for upcoming changes.

UltraBox Microtonal is a testing version of the UltraBox. Despite the name, it won't add anything, and just serves as an archive for 2.1.0.

Version History

Follow patch notes of UltraBox and follow formatting seen in other mod's history sections.

More information on UltraBox's additions can be found in UltraBox's patch notes.