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Latest Version0.0.8
Fork ofUltraBox
First ReleaseJan 20, 2024
Latest ReleaseMar 31, 2024
Source CodeGitHub

Unbox is a mod of UltraBox published on January 20, 2024, by un_conventional. Unbox was made to recreate the Duty Cycle from Sandbox and make 0-100% pulse width range possible.


Unbox is the only edition of Unbox.

Version History

Version Content Released
Unbox (Pre-Alpha Release 1) Initial release. Jan 20, 2024
Unbox (Pre-Alpha Release 2) Added first iteration of Unbox's presets. Most come from various soundchips such as the SID. Mar 4, 2024
Changed Pitch Shift's range from ±12 to ±24.
Started working on the Duty Cycle instrument type, which is just a clone of the Pulse Width in this update.
Ported unison support for Pulse Width and Duty Cycle.
Changed several mentions of "UltraBox" to Unbox.
Unbox 0.0.5 (Pre-Alpha Release 3) Ported latest UltraBox updates. Mar 7, 2024
Unbox (Pre-Alpha Release 4) Increased Pulse Width and Duty Cycle range from 1-50% to 1-100%. Mar 11, 2024
Custom chip presets have been transfered to chip wave in its corrected polarity.
Added some non-chip presets and 10 new plants to find.
Unbox 0.0.8 (Pre-Alpha Release 5) Decimal offset now goes to 100, making true 0-100% pulse width possible. Mar 31, 2024
Added new unison "Shattered SYNC".
Added keybind to set player head at start of loop (Shift+F).
Fixed plants.