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I'm Mid, the creator of Midbox and an occasionally active editor to the wiki. I'm in the BeepBox community via the BeepBox discord and am somewhat active there. I also have a YouTube channel that I post stuff on.

He/They, CDT timezone, etc. Nice to meet you.

(He he. Using my wiki bio as a to-do list)

  • Plan out better way of gathering images together? E.g. Pulse width page shows screenshot of ModBox's pulse width which looks vastly different from say, UltraBox's.
  • If no one gets to them, effect pages.
  • Extensive checkup with all BeepMods to make sure the features listed to have them are accurate. (Scheduling this might be effective as this'll take hours/days.)
  • Again, if no one gets to them, modulation/automation, EQ/note filter, and keybind pages.